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Set to Combat Lice

Set to Combat Lice


Contains: Shampoo Base, Citronella Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil.



Our specially formulated Shampoo Base, crafted with natural and safe ingredients, provides a thorough cleanse without causing any irritation. Infused with the potent Citronella Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential oil, known for its natural lice-repellent properties, this set not only effectively combats lice but also promotes a clean and invigorating sensation.



  • Natural lice repellent
  • Effective shield against lice infestations
  • Thorough cleansing without harsh chemicals, maintaining the natural balance of the scalp and hair
  • Refreshing scent, making hair washing a pleasant experience

How to:

Remove the cap from the Base Shampoo and add the desired amount of essential oil (the reference amounts are below). Next, close the Shampoo Base bottle and gently swirl to ensure the essential oils are well mixed. Finally, enjoy your personalized shampoo and its wonderful benefits.


Reference amounts:

Shampoo Base + 10 drops of Citronella Essential Oil + 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil


*You can adjust to your personal taste based on tolerance of aroma and effect of the oils.

Set to Combat Lice